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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) affects around 130 million women in the world today, mostly in Africa, Asia and Middle East countries and carries lifelong psychological and physical effects.
"...I wish to restore my physical integrity as well as my dignity..."

"...I hope my clitoris, that was removed by force, can be restored to allow me to enjoy my sexuality..."

CAGeM has teamed up with several organizations to offer free medical services for physical restoration and rehabilitation of FGM victims.  Our goal is to sponsor any woman who wants to have her clitoris rebuilt.

"My elder sister woke up very early that day and started boiling water on the wooden fire. When the women arrived, my sister tricked me and asked me to go and give a bar of soap to the old woman in the bathroom; so silly of me. I ran there to do it fast and once in front of the toilets, two of the women grabbed me by the arms and put me down on the floor. One was seated on my belly holding my two wrists on my chest, the two others were holding my feet and the old one was in the middle and they excised me and cut my clitoris away without anesthesia. It took me two months to heal...”

This victim was thirteen when she excised. She is now 50 and she was one of the first  to be operated on. She is now able to feel new sensations in her rebuilt clitoris.

The aim of our Victim Restoration Efforts is to:
  • Empower FGM victims by helping them reach their first orgasm
  • Celebrate sexual freedom and pleasure for all women in the world
  • Promote free sexuality and exploration of masturbation
  • Share pleasure, hope. kindness and feminity


The victim restoration efforts train several doctors and assist in providing clitoral repair surgery for many women in the United States.  All of the patients have reported improvements after the surgery, and about 60 percent of them have experienced orgasm – something they thought would never happen for them.

We’re now halfway through the construction of our ‘Restoration Hospital’ in Port Harcourt, Nigeria where we will enable local women and women of West Africa to have the procedure for free. This is our main goal, since too many women cannot afford this surgery. Without our help, it would cost several years of their wages for them to have it, so they are hoping and waiting for us!



Donations to CAGeM are tax-deductible


Do you know a physician who is willing to volunteer his time for our services?  Please contact us.