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We are an international organization committed to the eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM). Our campaign focuses on developing and implementing educational programs to eradicate FGM and assisting victims (see Restoring Victims).  We also pursue the introduction of legislation banning FGM. If you would like CAGeM to present an educational workshop at your institution/organization please contact us.
We are currently conducting research on the health effects of FGM and on the current statistical distribution of the practice.  Immediate consequences of the practise, such as infections, are usually only documented when women seek hospital treatment. Therefore, the true extent of immediate complications is unknown.  CAGeM is currently cunducting research to document the immediate complications.  To participate in our study please contact us.
CAGeM is supported entirely by volunteers and public donations.  We cannot do this without your help.  Please volunteer or donate today. 
The commitment of CAGeM against the practice of FGM dates to 1998 when research on female circumsicion was being done by the World Health Organization.  Since then CAGeM, organized under the World Health Organization has teamed up with several advocacy organizations.  The group started with health educational programs in small communities and has been instumental in the banning of FGM in several states. The campaign has grown to include presenting educational workshops in larger communities around the world and assisting victims by clitoral restoration.

We currently have over 300 members around the world.  To join our campaign please volunteer or make a donation.
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