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How FGM is performed

Female Genital Mutilation is a very brutal, and unpleasant experience in a young African girls life. The entire procedure is done without any anesthesia or numbing medicine. The young girl is awake and can feel everything that is being done to her. The naked girl is strapped down or is held down by women "nurses" to a stool, and the "doctor" then pierces and slices the clitoris. As the doctor begins cutting the clitoris, she/he will take their fingernail and dig a hole the length of the clitoris so they are able to pull the organs out. The doctor cuts the clitoris off with any type of utensil available. This is usually a knife that is not sterile. These utensils are often crude and filthy. Examples of utensils include broken glass, a tin lid, scissors or a razor blade. To remove all of the clitoris, they then cut off the clitoris until they get to the bone. The most important step follows the removal of the clitoris. The doctors knife scrapes the inside of the large lips and the final surgical step is completed. Finally, the doctor closes the wounded area with a long acacia thorn. By now the patient is screaming with horror or in shock from the pain.


A woman about to perform FGM

Razor and thorns used for FGM. Sometimes any objects on hand in any condition are used.


FGM tools













Girl being held down for FGM while she screams for help


Girl screams in pain while being mutilated




Girl pleading to the camera while FGM is being performed


Girl tied up after FGM


Girl being forced to undergo FGM


1. Girls prepare for FGM  2. A girl healing after the injuries



Girl shuts her eye in pain while FGM is being performed

Woman bows her head in pain after undergoing FGM

A girl sitting in a pool of her own blood after FGM